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LNG Trucking is a community to promote the use of LNG for road transport. On this website you will find a range of tools to help you with a smooth transition to LNG powered trucks, and we offer a community for networking and for sharing best practices. After all, the adoption of LNG starts with your company, but the adoption curve, and thus pricing and availability, accelerates much faster if we all work together. LNG Trucking is an initiative from Don Trucking in the Netherlands.

What makes our community unique?

LNG Trucking differs from other LNG platforms as the community

Why LNG Trucking?

Tools and peer-to-peer networking to help you with a smooth transition to LNG trucking

Fuel card for LNG Fuelling

A unique prepaid fuel card for LNG fuelling across Europe

LNG Station Finder

The most up-to-date station finder for LNG fuelling across Europe.

Facts, News & Opinions

By sharing opinions, insights and actual experiences we aim to accelerate the adoption of LNG for road transport. Together.

LNG Facts, News & Opinions

Facts about LNG, industry news and opinions. If you want to share your news, opinions or your LNG business case please e-mail info@lng-trucking.eu.

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Our Story

LNG Trucking Europe is founded by Don Trucking, one of the front runners in the use of LNG for road transport.
Don de Jong, owner of Don Trucking, aims to turn the use of LNG into a commodity,
improving the quality of life for all European citizens by seriously reducing CO2, NOx and CO emissions.
He believes that LNG is one of the best alternatives for diesel for long haul transport
– not only because it’s cleaner but also because it’s cost competitive.
However, he also discovered that transforming his business to become more sustainable, meant he had to start from scratch again.