About Us

LNG Trucking Europe is founded by Don Trucking, one of the front runners in the use of LNG for road transport. Don de Jong, owner of Don Trucking, aims to turn the use of LNG into a commodity, improving the quality of life for all European citizens by seriously reducing CO2, NOx and CO emissions. He believes that LNG is one of the best alternatives for diesel for long haul transport – not only because it’s cleaner but also because it’s cost competitive.

However, when first purchasing 20 Iveco LNG trucks to offer his customers a more environmentally-friendly means of transport, Don felt his team at Don Trucking had to find out everything from scratch. How to develop a healthy business case? Where to fuel? What are the requirements when it comes to safety? Which grants and benefits are available for LNG trucks, and how to incorporate this in the day-to-day business?

He strongly felt that, if everyone has to start from scratch, it will take pretty long before LNG for road transport becomes a commodity. And a long adoption curve negatively impacts pricing and availability. This is where he decided to establish LNG Trucking Europe, both a community for peer-to-peer networking and information sharing as well as a platform with attractive services and tools to ensure his peers can make a head start with LNG Trucking.

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