Are you considering LNG as a fuel for your fleet? As you probably know in The Netherlands several fleet owners have incorporated LNG as a fuel in their fleet. They have their reasons to do so. But do you? Is it wise for you to take this step, or should you run your fleet on diesel? Maybe you have heard of HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil) and think this is a better solution. Or should you wait for hydrogen or battery electric trucks to enter the market? 

Whether or not you should choose LNG is up to you. The three questions below will help you decide.

Question 1: Are you looking to run a sustainable business, now and in the long run?

And by sustainable I do not only mean an environmentally sustainable business, but also an economically viable and financially sound business. If the answer is yes, then: LNG is the right pick for you for sure. If the answer is no, then think again really hard. Because I believe every business owner is in it for the long term. There might be a few exceptions looking to sell the business in the coming year, but even then: your business is worth more if it is built for the future. Now, depending on the other questions, the choice for LNG should be: all-in or part of a more diversified portfolio.

Question 2: Is there an immediate cause to consider LNG?

Such as a customer asking you about it? Well, then it is a no-brainer for sure. But also if filling infrastructure has been put in place, close to your location, it is worth checking it out. Or when you participate in the Lean & Green Awards, want to show the market your awareness for the environment or just because you want to experiment with new technology, so you have more options in the future.

Question 3: Does your fleet consist of at least 10 trucks?

Then your next truck should also be an LNG truck. Just to become experienced with it. Hydrogen trucks will become a part of the fleet in the future. The experience you build up now with LNG trucks, will help you to a smooth transition to hydrogen in the future. What about battery electric trucks: also a very good option for the environment. I believe that in the future we will see a mix of fuels: LNG and battery electric in the beginning, with more and more hydrogen in the future. 

What is your answer?

This article was written by Elske van de Fliert, expert on cleaner, leaner and greener transport. For over a decade Elske and her company Zero-e have helped companies that seek to reduce their CO2 emissions and their impact on the environment in general to be sustainable and thriving companies. Are you ready to reduce fuel consumption? Check out the free monitoring checklist here, to start saving fuel now.